Healthy Feet Zone

Come and find out how you can prevent lameness on farm, with practical advice and demonstrations – a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions.

Countdown to event

200 Days 11 Hours 46 Mins 45 Secs

Date Event

Wednesday 5th February 2025

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What is the Healthy Feet Zone?

Lameness is one of the dairy industry’s main priorities as part of the Government’s Animal Health and Welfare Pathway (AHWP). This year we have a dedicated Healthy Feet Zone, supported by VetPartners, in Hall 2a.

This dedicated area will help farmers get to grips with managing lameness in their herd with expert support, advice and tools available.  Visitors can see some cows’ feet showing common and more unusual causes of lameness.

There will be a demonstration of how to manage these cases and a chance to discuss the practical ways to prevent them from occurring.

Demonstration times are: 12.00/noon, 14.00.

Who will be on the stand?

Will Gratwick – Farm Vet, LLM Farm Vets

Natalie Parker – Lead VetTech, LLM Farm Vets

Phil Jones – Foot Trimmer, Westpoint Farm Vets

Charlotte Luther – Farm Vet & Foot Trimmer, Damory Veterinary Clinic

Regular foot trimming is essential in preventing and treating lameness. Routine preventive trimming is a quick, safe, low-stress procedure when a trained person uses a well-maintained and purpose designed crush. Come and see how trimming can be used most effectively to reduce the risk of lameness and help to improve herd productivity.  There will also be training on offer to farmers in the Healthy Feet Zone, as well as all the latest equipment, tools and technology that can help producers improve herd mobility.

Lameness is an important focus as it is one of the primary health priorities for AHWP, which forms part of the Sustainable Farm Incentive (SFI) scheme. The initiative will fund the cattle sectors to take national herd health to the next level.  The government is supporting improvement in these areas by delivering four programmes of funding. These include:

  1. Animal Health and Welfare Review: Launched last autumn, to fund vet consultations of up to three hours to discuss animal health and welfare issues on farm. Farmers are paid £372, which could include diagnostic testing or advice on using medicines, for example.
  2. Animal Health and Welfare Grants: From this year, funding will be available to cover equipment, technology, and infrastructure costs that promote health and welfare priorities.
  3. Disease eradication and control programmes: Starting this year, funding will be available to support diagnostic testing and vaccination programmes.
  4. Payment by results: This programme will be introduced by 2025. The focus is on supporting farmers who want to improve the lameness of their cattle further. Funding will be provided to those who show markedly improved health and welfare in their herds.

Thank you to our ‘Healthy Feet Zone’ supporters

  1. Cattle Eye
  2. Cowcare Systems
  3. Fabdec Ltd
  4. Giltspur Scientific Ltd
  5. HerdVision
  6. Hooftrimming Ltd
  7. Kirby Cattle Services Ltd
  8. Predicta by Dairy Data Warehouse
  9. Provita Eurotech Ltd
  10. Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers
  11. Teemore Engineering Ltd
  12. Vetoquinol UK Ltd
  13. Virus Shield Biosciences

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