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CattleEye, an ‘AI first’ company, have harnessed the capabilities of advanced Artificial Intelligence in video analytics to deliver the world’s first hardware independent autonomous dairy cow monitoring platform.
Providing a completely new way of monitoring and gaining insights on dairy cows simply by walking them under a security camera connected to the Internet. The completely hands-free solution will monitor a cow’s welfare and performance without the need for collars or pedometers that need regular maintenance and commissioning.

Products & Services

  • Lameness Monitoring

    Launched in 2021 and currently monitoring almost 1000K cows in the UK and USA, the CattleEye mobility scoring module will monitor lameness levels on cows and highlight any individual cows that may require treatment. Using this tool to select cows for foot trimming and treatment will reduce lameness levels on your herd. Research from the UK Animal Health & Welfare Technical Directorate has demonstrated that a 10% decrease in lameness levels on an average dairy herd would create a saving of £100 per cow per year and a carbon reduction of 0.57t per cow per year.
  • Body Condition Scoring

    Launching this year at Dairy Tech the CattleEye BCS monitoring solution utilises the same 2d security as its lameness monitoring solution. It gives dairy farmers a brand new insight into their dairy cows which will help them make better decisions on nutrition and pick up metabolic diseases earlier. The system combines BCS with other on farm data such as milk weights and nutrition pen data allowing dairy farms to track the success of ration strategies on your dairy based on lactation stage, BCS, milk yield and nutritional input. A recent paper in the Journal of Dairy Science demonstrated that utilising such insights to optimise feed groups using this data could save £75 per cow per year.


  • CattleEye success on farm

    Reducing lameness by 12% over a 9 month period has been achieved on Highfields dairy. Listen to farm manager John and his experience with CattleEye
  • Carbon Reduction using CattleEye

    Produced by the UK government as part of the COP26 climate change conference. This video celebrates the success of the product

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