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Teemore Engineering is a leading supplier and distributor of high-quality livestock housing and handling equipment. Teemore is at the forefront of innovation within the Livestock sector, with a key focus on providing sustainable products to aid the future of farming and handler safety. Supplier of the leading headlock design and heavy-duty gates by Jourdain, and innovative mattress and rubber flooring by Bioret. Teemore cover a wide animal sector from cattle-goats.

Working with top global brands ensures Teemore can provide its clientele with the best knowledge an understanding of the industry as a whole. Dealing with current problems such as ammonia reduction, Teemore wish to aid every farmer is achieving a sustainable farming lifestyle, which works alongside the current practises

Products & Services

  • Jourdain Headlocks

  • Teemore Sand Cubicles

  • Bioret Aqwuastar Ultimate

  • Mono-Calf Building


  • Teemore Engineering Dairy Cow House

  • Teemore Engineering Mono-Calf Building

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  2. The Milkstation Company Ltd
  3. Genus ABS
  4. VESBA