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Predicta GUARDIAN powered by Dairy Data Warehouse predicts the chance of disease such as, Lameness, Mastitis, Ketosis, Milk fever and others from happening before the cow actually gets sick. Predicta GUARDIAN is for farmers who don’t wait till it’s too late. Gone are the days where decisions were based on intuition, experience, or gut feeling. While these qualities are still important, dairy farmers and vets can now let science do the hard job.

Predicta GUARDIAN does not need any equipment, software or lengthy installation. We simply connect with your current herd management software, and you are good to go. You will be able to prevent the chance of a disease hitting a high-risk cow. Alerts of such cows are sent via a whatsapp message to you and/or your vet. You are now fully in control and have a better understanding of your cows. You can prevent your cows from getting sick by allowing them to reach their full genetic potential, meaning better animal welfare as well as higher milk production, better fertility, and less chance of contracting new diseases. We use the power of artificial intelligence to monitor previous lactations and reproduction data and together with data we have from millions of cows we are able to build a model and predict which cows are likely to get sick ahead of time.

During Dairy Tech we are offering farmers the possibility of trialing Predicta GUARDIAN for free for 2 months so you can directly see the benefits on your farm. The first 50 subscribers also get a free branded hoodie! Pre-register today by emailing

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  • Predicta GUARDIAN

    Classic transition cow diseases such as mastitis, lameness, retained placenta, milk fever, ketosis or displaced abomasum happen in the first 4 to 6 weeks of lactation. If a cow gets sick during this stage it will affect the whole lactation cycle and a cow will not reach her full genetic potential. These diseases are very costly and can easily go unnoticed. Managing dry cows and their transition period successfully is the foundation for lactation success. Using your farm’s existing herd management software, Predicta GUARDIAN analyses the milk recording or milk meter data along with reproduction from a cow’s previous lactation to determine whether a cow is at risk for transition diseases(s). Predicta GUARDIAN generates alarms to farmers/vets directly via whatsapp, email or sms for individual animals at risk during the dry period 6-8 weeks prior to the actual disease. This is impossible to detect with standard blood, milk or urine testing.


  • Predicta GUARDIAN. For farmers who don't wait till it's too late.

    This video highlights how Predicta GUARDIAN helps dairy farmers detect transition cow diseases before they even occur using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Many transition cow diseases go unnoticed, and this not only affects milk production not allowing a cow to reach her full genetic potential, but it also negatively impacts conception. Detecting disease early can greatly affect the productivity and sustainability of a farm. This in turn allows the dairy farm to be more productive.

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