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Provita: animal health innovators manufacturing medicinal probiotics, hoofcare, feed probiotics; supplements, colostrums; newborn calf products, electrolytes, energy deficiency, air purifiers, feed additives, mint gels.

Products & Services

  • Protect POM VPS

    The only licensed clinically proven calf probiotic • 83% less scour • 70% less respiratory disease • 31% better daily weight gains • Better immunity
  • Hoofsure Endurance

    Clinically proven – up to 44% more effective than copper and formaldehyde 440+ million cow passes worldwide 40+ trials across 3 continents Special offer – BUY 3 x 20 litres, get Hoof Sprayer and Hoof Gel 300g FREE
  • Promist Air Purifier

    Pneumonia is one of the most significant diseases affecting calves. It is a costly disease from which calves may never fully recover. A substantial proportion of the costs caused by pneumonia are hidden, such as reduced liveweight gain and feed conversion efficiency. Vaccination will not be maximally effective, nor give optimum protection to calves that are in poorly ventilated houses. Provita Promist is a unique air purifier containing a blend of natural organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents which together help control the levels of particulates and ammonia in the housing of intensively reared livestock. It can be used when new calves/cattle are introduced into houses, or during still weather conditions with stagnant airflow circulation, or until air flow improves in the shed. Promist can also be used daily in houses that have permanently poor air flow. Promist will reduce ammonia, particulate matter, dust and will lower the ph. It should be used above and around the cattle and will purify the air, the surfaces, and the animals. Its herb content will provide an expectorant effect helping to expel organisms from the respiratory tract. According to field reports, using Promist daily in the cattle/calf shed for the first month or so after housing, has resulted in beneficial results. (“We didn’t have one case of pneumonia to deal with last year and the calves responded in spades regarding the growth rates they achieved.” reported one user.) Pneumonia cannot be defeated unless air quality, air circulation and air cleanliness are heightened and maximised.


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