What is CLARIFIDE Plus? CLARIFIDE Plus is the ONLY genomic test to incorporate health and wellness traits in addition to the production traits of standard testing. This unique genomic test builds on the offering of CLARIFIDE and delivers proven results on wellness, meaning it is not only possible to predict the future potential of that animal, but also the ability of that animal to remain healthy and fulfil its potential. This gives you the ability to drive the sustainability and future performance of your farm from one simple test.

Reliably predicting the lifetime capability and wellness of a heifer at a few days of age will give your famers a massive advantage. CLARIFIDE Plus can ensure your replacement heifers fit with your farming strategy giving you the ability to breed and invest in your best.

Why CLARIFIDE Plus? Every progressive dairy farmer should be using genomics to select their heifers, giving you the accuracy to drive your future. One CLARIFIDE Plus test predicts with around 70% accuracy how a heifer will perform. The data provided would take at least 8 years to obtain through tracking the animal’s performance in the herd. By comparison, the regularly utilised parent average predicts with around 30% reliability. The improved accuracy of genomic testing plus the wellness traits equates to real financial differences on farm1.

CLARIFIDE Plus incorporates 6 cow health and wellness traits, alongside 3 calf wellness traits and the overall lifetime productivity index Dairy Wellness Profit (DWPTM), Dairy Wellness Profit incorporates production, reproduction, health, type and wellness making it ideal to base your cow selections on.

These individual wellness traits included in DWP offer you the opportunity to better manage disease and increase profitability on your farm. For example, cows in the top 25% of the herds for the genetic predictions for each trait were, on average, over twice as likely to stay healthy than those in the bottom 25%2.