Farm hygiene is essential to minimise disease outbreaks and ensure herds remain productive.  As pressure increases to reduce antibiotic use on farm to meet industry targets and also to reduce costs then quick, effective cleaning in order to reduce disease challenge and risk is the aim of all farms.

The new Ecolab S-105 portable cleaning system used in conjunction with Ecolab Inciprop Extra offer the perfect combination to help achieve all cleaning aims.  The simple, water pressure powered Ecolab S-105 cleaning system is an all-in-one cleaning system, applying the cleaning agent via a foaming action then rinsing with water (or a disinfectant if required).

Cling foam products attain a prolonged contact time and lift dirt and grime from any surface, from walls to cubicles and parlour equipment.  Inciprop Extra from Ecolab has excellent foaming and adhesive properties and used in conjunction with the Ecolab S-105, can offer savings of up to 30% in labour, 30% in energy costs and up to 50% in water usage.

Once surfaces are clean, the Ecolab S-105 can also be used to apply disinfectant.  Simply change the foaming lance to a trigger gun and switch the application to disinfectant, use a product such as Coxicur from Progiene, approved by DEFRA for use against coccidiosis, cryptosporidium and TB amongst others.

Ecolab S-105 and foaming agents:

  • Helps cut disease risks
  • Reduce labour, electricity and water costs
  • All in one cleaning solution
  • Lower chance of damage to electrical items e.g. parlour cleaning