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Situated in the science, technology and innovation area of the show the ‘Innovation Hub’ is set to feature the very latest products, equipment and knowledge in the industry.

Visitors will have the chance to hear about the very newest products on the market through the Royal Innovation Award; finalists of the competition will be profiling their products through the ‘Innovation Hub’ in the form of short presentations. Once pitched the board of judges will select their winner who will be announced on the day.

The hub will be an interactive area where there will be the opportunity to road test groundbreaking technology and speak to all companies featuring products in the Royal Innovation Award.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas, to find out more about precision farming, championing solutions, 3D printing and hear about the latest technological advances and the potential of drones in farming – themes set to become more dominant in the future of dairying – then a visit to the ‘Innovation Hub’ is a must.

Seminars and workshops at Dairy-Tech are eligible for Dairy Pro points and registered Dairy Pro members can collect points which will be recorded against their personal and business profiles, giving recognition to their professionalism in dairying. To become a member register at the AHDB stand (B12) – Find out more about Dairy Pro


Welcome to the Innovation Hub

Robert Craig, RABDF Council Member and Dairy Farmer

Sponsored by RABDF


In session with Mike Houghton – The possible future of technology within dairy farming

Mike Houghton, Andersons

Sponsored by Andersons


Future energy investments on dairy farms

James Miles Hobbs, JMH Farming and Renewables

Sponsored by JMH Farming and Renewables


Herdwatch: innovating for all farmers

James Greevy, Head of Product and Marketing, Herdwatch

Sponsored by Herdwatch


Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2018

See the finalists present their latest products to the judges for a chance to win the Royal Innovation Award 2018

Sponsored by RABDF


Recruiting climate-smart farmers: reduce methane emissions and make more money

Michael Mathres, President, Mootral

Sponsored by Mootral


Does 3D printing hold the answer for on farm problems?


Dr Bryony Core, Technology Analyst, IDtechEx

Sponsored by IDTechEx


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Omnigen


Adrian Patterson, Dairy Technical Specialist, Mole Valley Farmers

Sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Moletech (smaXtec & HerdInsights)


Nick Barradale BVSc MRCVS, Mole Valley Farmers

Sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Gain efficiencies through farmer to farmer rental


Dan Robinson, Farm-r

Sponsored by Farm-r


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Mapping with drones


Craig Hellen, Managing Director and Simon Browne, Drone Operator, Bexcopter

Sponsored by Bexcopter


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Smart livestock tracking solution


Ian Bester, DiAgri Ltd

Sponsored by DiAgri Ltd


Emerging agri-tech and innovation:  Are we causing mastitis?


Aled Davies, Managing Director

Sponsored by Pruex

12:00 Noon

Optimising the lifetime return of your dairy herd

Andy Skarzynski, Head of Marketing and Julie Edwards, Head of Communications, Mole Valley Farmers

Sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers


Slurry, an asset not a problem – a new slurry enhancing system

Gareth Morgan Chief Operations Officer, Power & Water and John Owen, Project Manager, Coleg sir Gar

Sponsored by Power & Water and Coleg sir Gar


The potential of the Yara N Sensor as a nitrogen management tool on grassland farms

Philip Cosgrave, Country Agronomist, Yara

Sponsored by Yara


World’s first floating dairy farm; oceans of opportunities!

Minke van Wingerden, Partner of Beladon

Sponsored by Beladon


Genomic testing on UK dairy farms – The CLARIFIDE approach

Phil Cullinan BSc BVSc MRCVS, Zoetis Genomics Business Manager

Sponsored by Zoetis


Rumen friendly nutrition – a data driven approach

Matt Palmer, Ruminant Nutritionist

Sponsored by Harbro


A simple guide to the use and benefit of big data in the dairy supply chain today

Nick Evans, Managing Director of F4F Agriculture and Adaptris

Sponsored by F4F, part of Proagrica


UAVs a.k.a Drones: Where do they fit in?

Ivan Grove, Principal lecturer in precision agronomy

Sponsored by Harper Adams University


The central hub for livestock innovation

Lyndsay Chapman, Chief Executive

Sponsored by Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)


Shining a light on bovine Salmonellosis: rapid pen-side diagnostics using a LAMP assay.

Freddie Mitchell, Kingston University

Sponsored by AHDB Beef and Lamb and Westpoint Vets


Development of a pen-side diagnostic test for detection of liver fluke infections in cattle and sheep

Tessa Walsh, Liverpool University

Sponsored by Liverpool University


New Zealand: Explore smart farming

Nick Tapp, Chairman of Craigmore Sustainables LLP

Sponsored by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise


Supporting applied agri-food research

Calum Murray, Head of Agriculture and Food, Innovate UK

Sponsored by Innovate UK


Inspiring agri-tech innovation

Ali Hadavizadeh, Program Manager at Farm 491, Royal Agricultural University

Sponsored by Farm491


Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2018 Winner Announcement

The Judging Panel

Sponsored by RABDF