Business Efficiency Area

The Business Efficiency area will be home to a diverse programme of technical seminars, aimed at equipping those involved in dairy farming with the latest information on topical issues within the industry, whether this be antibiotic resistance, targeting Johnes disease or the latest issues on EU overseas labour.

There will be a host of specialist advice from global speakers with the opportunity for visitor interaction through an ‘Ask the Expert’ area.  In addition there will be the chance for visitors to become better acquainted with both their own and others’ supply chains through attending management based seminars.

As part of the new RABDF strategy there will also be opportunity to interact with the RABDF Young Board, an initiative aimed at helping young members develop within the dairy industry.  Leading the associations ‘Getting into Dairy’ strategy the Young Board would be working on behalf of younger entrants in the industry, trying to build a sustainable future in the industry and persuading more people to consider dairying as a career.