All the benefits of Megalac now with a low odour formula. Megalac 2.0 is a rumen-protected fat supplement which increases energy supply in diets without increasing the acid load in the rumen and risk of acidosiss, unlike starchy sources of energy such as cereals. Megalac 2.0 is an ideal supplement to increase energy supply in early lactation diets of cows and sheep and is well-proven to improve cow fertility.

Features and Benefits: A LOW ODOUR formula; Increases milk yield – average 2.3 litres/day; improves egg quality and conception rates; Increases progesterone (the key hormone for pregnancy); high ME = 33.3 MJ/kg DM; highest measured NE = 27.3 MJ/kg DM; not fermented in the rumen – energy without risk of acidosis; suitable energy source for all ruminant species; proven for over 30 years. Available in 25kg bags on pallets, mini-bulk bags and true bulk.

Contact: Neil Birkett at Volac 

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