Visit Dairy-Tech for unique opportunities to existing routes of knowledge.  The event will provide the necessary environment for any dairy professional to gain the exposure they need to the latest gadgets, tools, science, skills, products, services, methods and advice, to increase the sustainability and profitability of their dairy business.

The event will host top international speakers who will reflect on how other countries overcome potential problems and how UK dairy farmers can apply this knowledge. There will be interactive product testing and practical demonstrations, including innovations that are yet to be widely applied and adopted in this country’s dairy farming practice. Visitors will also be able to broaden their knowledge of the industry at technical seminars and industry debates, both of which will be a prominent features at Dairy-Tech.

Revolutionary learning in the form of technical seminars, technology and training hubs and technical demonstrations will broaden visitor horizons and assist them in improving their dairy business profitability whilst discovering new business and career paths.

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Show Features



Innovation Hub

New products
Innovation in dairy
Champion solutions

Dairy Hub

Keynote speakers
Interactive workshops 
Panel debate
Ask the experts
Address current topical issues
Practical solutions

Tech Zone

Highlight the latest technology
Road test technology
Workshop for budding innovators
Funding and guidance


Robotic technology
Precision farming
Dairy issues