Veterinary Guide to Rearing Dairy Heifers by Oliver Tilling – Book Launch At Event

Modern dairy farming is an exciting challenge, one that requires dedicated focused people to ensure the health, welfare and productivity of their cows. The modern dairy farmer has to concentrate on today’s cows, but also have one eye on the future in the form of replacement heifers. Rearing dairy heifers is an investment in the future but also the second highest cost on a dairy farm. The need to do it well is crucial. This book will guide you through the crucial steps of rearing dairy heifers so as to maximise success and have a productive future.

The Veterinary Guide to Rearing Dairy Heifers focuses on 7 key areas which will each give you the essential skills for success:

1. Calving
· How to be best prepared
· Minimise losses
· What to do in difficult situations and when to call for help
· The first things to take care of in a new born calf

  1. Colostrum
    · Understand why this aspect of rearing dairy heifers is so crucial
    · Maximise the benefits of good colostrum management and monitor success
  1. Feeding from Birth to Weaning
    · Understand the development from milk fed calf to ruminant and the importance of getting this right
    · The options, and which milk and starter feeding programmes to adopt on your dairy
    · Achieving a successful weaning transition
  1. Feeding from Weaning to Calving
    · How to capitalise on pre-weaning nutrition and achieve growth targets at 6 months, 12 months, service and age at first calving
  1. Housing
    · Understand the pros and cons of housing calves individually vs. groups
    · What housing is appropriate for older heifers
    · Managing housing systems by focusing on the key areas of moisture, fresh air, air speed, temperature, light, space requirements for feed and water, and cleanliness and hygiene
  1. Getting the heifer in calf
    · Why to focus on calving heifers at 24 months
    · What good reproductive programmes look like and the options for achieving them
  1. Dealing with Disease
    · Diagnosing, treating and preventing common disease problems in dairy heifers from scour and pneumonia through to internal and external parasites

About The Author
Oliver Tilling is a Veterinary surgeon and Director at Shepton Veterinary Group. The practice is based in Shepton Mallet in Somerset and responsible for 25,000 dairy cows on 120 farms across Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Oliver has had a particular interest in Youngstock work since qualifying as a vet in 2006. He works with practice clients in dealing with disease outbreaks, right through to developing programmes that encompass the entire rearing process from birth to calving. He has developed the practice’s youngstock service – providing regular monitoring and input into the rearing of dairy heifers.

Oliver has worked with several industry stakeholders including AHDB Dairy and AHDB Beef and lamb, several pharmaceutical companies and numerous large calf rearing organisations. He has written extensively for both veterinary and farming press and travelled to Europe and North America with his work.

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