pHix up® the buffer like no other

pHix up® by TIMAB Magnesium is a blend of three different sources of magnesium oxide that is optimized to combat SARA in dairy cattle. pHix up®is designed to lift rumen pH faster than sodium bicarbonate and to persist longer above the critical 5.8pH acidosis risk level.

Because pHix up® helps reduce the risk of SARA, dairy farmers report greater milk yield and milk fat, as herd health is optimised, along with improved hoof health and increase in productive life. Cost is king, as only 70g/cow/day ofpHix up® is required for the same buffering effect as 250g sodium bicarbonate, and aspHix up® generally costs half as much again, so the daily cost of pHix up® addition is less than half that of sodium bicarbonate. pHixup® also has a much stronger neutralising action than seaweedbased buffers