The Speedrite A15Xi energizer is the most powerful EU compliant mains energizer on the market capable of powering 150 km of fence line, equivalent to approximately 100 Ha. of grassland.

With a maximum of 15 Joule (J) output energy, the A15Xi delivers the same, or higher power output than a non-compliant 36 J energizer when increased load requirement is applied to a fence line. This can typically be vegetation growth touching the cables or the addition of temporary ‘hotwires’ for strip or rotational grazing of paddocks requiring extra power from the main line. Both effective animal containment and adherence to EU restrictions can still be achieved as the A15Xi ‘steps up’ to deliver the extra power requirements. Consequently, the A15Xi can also ‘step down’ when less power is required such as in dry conditions meaning optimum efficiency is always possible.

The A15Xi also incorporates an Inductive Power Coupler (IPC) addressing power surges from lightning strikes that can cause serious damage to an energizer and provides isolation from the ‘Mains to fence’ and from ‘fence to the Mains’.

The A15Xi also features and audible and visual alarm activated when fence load suddenly increases. An LED visual alert indicates when the fence is heavily loaded as well as an Earth monitoring function allowing users to identify Earth system problems too.

New large terminals ensure reliable fence connection and a standby switch is included when needing to work on the fence (if remote is not available). This simply requires a magnet to be tapped on the indicated location to A15Xi unit into standby. A further tap enables the A15Xi to power the fence. A magnetic key fob is provided with every A15Xi that can be attached to a keyring or similar for convenience.

All A15Xi’s come with a two-year warranty and go through a strict testing period before packaging and shipment. Every printed circuit assembly is tested individually, and every assembled unit is run through a final test. After assembly every unit is run through various fence loads for 3 days. During the 3 days every unit is connected and monitored through Wi-Fi. Monitoring will pick up any faults that occur due to manufacturing tolerances to ensure that when a customer receives the product, it is guaranteed to deliver the power that they require.

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