The new S3 from Tru-Test is simple to use, easy to read and features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can record animal weights and configure settings using the MiHub Data Link app or the animal data can be emailed or shared via other apps.

The complete S3 Weigh System can include two mobile (MP) or permanent (HD) Load Bars of differing widths providing a complete weighing solution to those upgrading their existing weigh scales or possibly introducing weighing as a valuable management tool for the first time.

“The S3 is easy to operate, fully portable and ideal for installation under cattle crushes, platforms, sheep combi clamps and the like” explains Rob Massey Datamars Agri UK Head of Sales. He further adds; The S3 weighing system provides a market leading and highly accurate weighing solution and features Superdamp™ III Technology which captures accurate live weights more quickly than any other weigh scale indicator on the market. The benefits of weighing livestock are significant and allow livestock producers to monitor Daily Liveweight Gain ensuring forage quality and quantity is sufficient, hit optimum market weights for finishers, revealing parasite burdens if weight gain is poor and make informed decisions before weaning and bulling, two crucial weight points in a dairy heifer’s longevity in the milking herd for example.   

The High Visibility LED Backlit Screen on the S3 is clearly visible on the brightest day and the LED backlit screen ensures visibility in failing light or dark sheds. A Red LED illuminates when the weight is stable making it clear that you can record the weight. Plus, if you record your livestock weights using the MiHub Data Link mobile app you can instantly view your weighing data online, anywhere, with MiHub Livestock Management which is provided free of charge with all Tru-Test products.

The Simple user interface of the S3 has only two clearly visible buttons, on/off and zero, all less frequently used settings are easily accessible on the MiHub Data Link phone app or Data Link PC software. All units are powered by an internal rechargeable battery with a 15 hour life which means no mains power is required. Using Bluetooth to transfer data utilises the low energy technology requirements preventing battery drain.

For more information on the S3 or the wider range of Tru-Test weighing and EID reading solutions including your local stockist, visit or contact #measuretomanage.