The “Calf Pram” is 100% British built and everything is sourced for it from within 50 miles of our farm – even the wheels and solid tyres!

The “Calf Pram” is designed to be highly animal and human friendly, in that the calf can be safely transported within view of the cow, the farmer or stockperson does not need to lift and carry a heavy wet slippery calf – risking their own back injury or being attacked by a doting mother

The benefit is that the calf can walk in at the rear of the pram, and also walk out forwards.  This means they do not have to reverce out of the pram backwards which is very hard for a new born calf to be able to do without falling down.

The fact that the pram has a straight through in / out design also makes it ideal for use as a mini “calf crush” with the use of the headlock on the front gate it can be used for tagging and disbudding as a part of a calf handling race to treat a batch

There are around 30 of the calf prams now in use on British farms, with user testimonials and very satisfied farmers (and their wives) through not having to lift and carry new born calves when moving them from the birthing pen.


The locking handlebar raises and lowers the main body of the pram, so as the floor of the pram is level with the ground for calves to walk into.

Once inside the rear gate is secured and the handlebar is pushed down and locked in the transit position, which pushes the wheels down

The cart is very easy to manoeuvre on 2 solid rubber tired wheelchair wheels and will fit through most standard doorways

The locks can be released and the pram lowered to the floor for the calf to be let out from the front gate

If required before releasing the calf can be restrained by the head lock to tag and do any treatments before letting it out