JFC Manufacturing (Europe) Ltd (JFC) was set up in 1987 by Mr John Concannon, JFC Managing Director. The founding product of the JFC portfolio is the Multi bucket, a calf feeding bucket designed to feed 3 calves at once. With 30 years’ experience working with local and international farmers in several disciplines, we draw on a broad range of expertise in developing our products. Our portfolio is now made up of 250 products including water troughs, feeders, calf hutches, footbaths, wheelbarrows, ATV equipment and storage products. The JFC Agricultural range is available to farmers in 30 international markets but we are always looking to expand this network. We strive to support our farmers with innovative solutions that help improve productive and efficiencies on farm.

Dairy is the largest sector within our portfolio. We cater for the dairy calf from the minute it is born. From calf hutches that house calves up to 8/12 weeks of age individually or in groups, water solutions at housing or grazing, feeding equipment from teat feeders, milk karts and creep feeders. Working with such a dynamic sector of the industry means we are continuously looking to develop new products to help the farmers make a difference to their business. The latest addition to the portfolio is the Calf Isolation Unit.

Overview and Benefits of the Calf Insolation Unit

The JFC Agri Calf Isolation Unit is an individual calf housing unit which is ideal for the effective treatment of sick calves. The Polyethylene body will ensure the calf is warm and draught-free, allowing you to monitor individual calf performance. The Calf Isolation Unit is complete with a slatted floor, galvanised steel gate, two feeding buckets, bracket and lamp (not including bulb). The dimensions (mm) of the product are: 1460L x 1020W x1000H


  • Allows calves to receive individual attention and more effective feed monitoring.
  • Easy to clean, unit can be power hosed down and completely disinfected.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Lower calf mortality rates.
  • Reduced bedding requirements.
  • No set up time required, easily manoeuvred into place by hand or using a telehandler.

Industry Standards

Within the Animal Health and Welfare section of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme, segregation facilities are required to be available at all times for sick or injured animals from infectious and non-infectious conditions or injury. It is required that the isolation unit is available for use within 3 hours.  It is also required that the facility is capable of being cleansed and disinfected, it also doesn’t allow direct contact with any other animals.

The JFC Calf Isolation unit has solid sides which prevents direct contact to any other animals, it is also easily cleansed and disinfected, with a slatted based to provide maximum grip for the animal. The front of the unit has a galvanised steel gate with two feeding buckets, which allows the milk/water or meal consumption to be constantly monitored. This also meets the Red Tractor Farm Assurance schemes standards within the Feed and Water section.

Reasons for Isolating Calves

According to #Calfmatters there are over 30 million calves born in the UK each year, with infectious respiratory diseases estimated to cost £60 million per year. Ref: #CalfMatters – What is the cost of a calf pneumonia outbreak on farm?. Isolation reduces the risk of infection spreading through a group of calves. It also allows the calf time to recover without being bothered by any other animals. According to a study by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) when outdoors animals naturally isolate themselves from the rest of the group, but when indoors this becomes impossible for the animal to do. Ref: SRUC – Beef and Sheep Management and Welfare.

Industry Awareness


As a business we sell direct to the Agricultural retail network throughout the UK. We have Area Sales Managers located nationally who our visiting our network on a daily basis. It is our duty to educate the employees of our customers about our products. We produce product training manuals that our conducted by our ASM’s in store. A standard product training manual includes information on industry standards, the health and wellbeing of the animals and information about the product itself. It also gives examples of frequently asked questions, includes a quiz and a certificate is awarded to each member who complete. It is advised that the certificate is displayed in a prominent position so that the customer has full confidence in the employees knowledge.


We visit agricultural shows throughout the UK to share our knowledge to the end user. The Calf Isolation Unit was showcased at the 2018 UK Dairy Day. This allowed the farmers chance to look at the product and see the benefits in person, it also provides the farm an opportunity to give valuable feedback to our sales team, they can also gain information of where they can purchase the item.


As a family owned and run business who have been striving to make a difference to the agricultural industry for the last 30 years, we believe that we should win this chosen category because of our continued and long standing success. We have farmer testimonials to prove that our products make a difference on farm from work and cost efficiencies to standing the test of time. It is our passion to provide products that we are proud of and to provide a network of support for our industry.


Ref: #Calf Matters – What is the cost of a calf pneumonia outbreak on farm?

Ref: SRUC – Beef and Sheep Management and Welfare.