Dairy-Tech was designed to showcase everything new, and, the event model has proved this is exactly what it does through the quality of its visitors.  The event is geared towards all dairy farmers who are looking for the latest innovations to carry their business and the industry forward.

Oliver McEntyre

We were absolutely thrilled with 2019’s Dairy-Tech event. The organisational contact in the lead up to the event was fantastic, the RABDF/DairyTech team couldn’t have been more helpful and we were pleased with our location in Hall 2.

The event was well attended but, more importantly for us, the quality of visitor was very high. We generated some fantastic leads and look forward to progressing them. The show was a great opportunity to generate new interest in Lely, catch up with existing customers and to speak with other industry colleagues. Interestingly, in just the one day we took as many enquiries as we would expect to at a 3/4 day event.

A well thought out, exceptionally planned and extremely worthwhile event to exhibit at – we look forward to 2020!

Rosy Harding

A show with a difference. Dairy-Tech is a fantastic platform for promoting new ideas, technologies and concepts within our growing industry. We will be returning in 2020!

Hannah Crawford

Dairy-Tech was a superb show, very professionally organised, very well attended, well advertised and marketed and in ArmaTrac case – gave us the perfect market audience that relates to our ‘back to basics! tractors. ArmaTrac will definitely be exhibiting at Dairy Tech again next year and for sure will be a permanent fixture in future years to come.

Ray McNally, ArmaTrac

We had a fantastic day at Dairy-Tech 2019 and will be continuing to sponsor and attend Dairy-Tech moving forward.  We will also be continuing to supply a speaker for the dynamic dairy hub seminar programme.

Mike Halliwell

The Dairy-Tech event was a great success for us for the second year in a row, we are already looking forward to 2020 and exhibiting again! Definitely worthwhile for both visitors, who get to explore everything in the industry, and exhibitors, who wish to meet with new and existing customers.

Violeta Forster

We had a phenomenal day at Dairy-Tech. Our stand was fabulously busy all day; we almost struggled to keep up with all the visitors which is a great problem to have! We had some fantastic conversations with fantastic people – there is a lot of positivity and energy to progress within the industry. We also hosted the Guild of Agricultural Journalists on our stand in the afternoon, where we announced the winner of the Alltech & KEENAN Livestock Technology Award which worked very well.

Rebecca Kirk

Dairy-Tech is our must do event of the year! It’s the perfect place to showcase our cutting edge technology to the dairy industry.

The show seems to bring everyone together in an environment that promotes information and enlightenment about the latest tech developments. We spoke to people from all types of livestock farms, mainly dairy but we did notice a few beef farmers have cottoned on to what a great event it is!

As I write this we are still following up leads and getting more enquiries from the event, demos are booked and trials are underway – all thanks to Dairy-Tech! It is a must-attend event for us and one we look forward to supporting for many years to come.

George Coles

Dairy-Tech is a fast growing, focused, one-day event with everything under the one roof.  It provides a great opportunity to meet with both existing and new customers and introduce new innovations and solutions to meet the needs of the astute dairy farmer.

Jill Sloan

Dairy-Tech 2019 was incredible! It attracted the most progressive dairy farmers in the country, which made for a very busy, but very fruitful day. We can’t wait for Dairy-Tech 2020.

James Greevy