The Dairymac Superthaw Digital Semen Thaw unit has really changed how farmers and technicians handle frozen semen.

We developed it to improve handling, safety and sustainability of both normal and sexed semen, allowing flexibility of temperature selection and time..

The units also handles live Embyros and is now the No1 unit in the UK, Europe and several other countries.

We have improved and streamlined the range – but also offer a bespoke service as each unit is hand built in our factory in Southampton.

The Superthaw family now encompass:

  • Dairymac Superthaw with Built in AI Gun Warmer and Timer for busy farmers
  • Dairymac Superthaw with Quick Flip Lid and Rapid Heat Up for Technicians
  • Dairymac Superthaw Recharge – the world’s first Rechargeable Semen Thaw Unit giving 7 hours run time and at 36°C or 37°C. and quick recharge from car or mains power.
  • For total freedom on large dairies and outlying barns…

Each unit is digitally calibrated and individually factory tested – so 36°C is 36°C etc – no questions!