Spread-a-Bale will be adding to its portfolio Speed-a-Bale, a new turbo hydraulic manifold to enable dairy farmers to spread 2017 harvest’s difficult straw more quickly and efficiently and subsequently make time and fuel savings and better straw utilization.

Speed-a-Bale which can be can be fitted to each of Spread-a-Bale’s four M range models, features a new manifold with turbo to provide 25% increase in torque and 5% increase in speed.

“With this season’s straw in short supply and of questionable quality, Speed-a-Bale offers power to break through any round or rectangular bale,” comments Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes.

“Speed-a-Bale’s spreading rotors accelerate a mass of straw enabling it to retain its harvested length, throw it full width of the pen with minimal dust generation and spread it effortlessly with negligible

blockages. Longer straw undoubtedly makes for a longer lasting bed and more cost effective use of the bedding.”

Further information from Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes on 07917 303535.

Stand number: B29