The Speedrite range offers an unbeatable combination of power, usability and value for commercial farmers, smallholders, equine, poultry or game rearing establishments. The S1000 is our most powerful Integrated Solar Energizer (ISE) on the market capable of powering up to 10km of fence or typically a 6 Ha. field with 0.5 Joules (J) of maximum output energy. There is also the S500, S150 and S80 offering smaller solutions to suite.  The new Speedrite ISE range is more powerful than comparable energizers on the market.

These ISEs are designed for strip grazing and managing winter crop feeding, and the protection of waterways. They are also a great option for a more permanent style of fencing too on larger properties.

The solar panel and rechargeable internal battery are integrated in one convenient and robust weather resistant case. The solar panels are smaller than previous models but deliver the same performance due to increased battery efficiency and smarter power management. Their compact size means they are easily portable with an ergonomically weighted handle and leads can be stored internally when not in use.

The large on/off dial and single flashing LED fence pulse indicator clearly shows the unit status at a glance.  Fence connection leads are included. Terminals contain a metal insert to ensure a robust fence connection is made. Units can be mounted onto a Y-post or wooden fencing stake for permanent and temporary installations.

Unit need to typically be installed for three days to charge sufficiently and then they will run and recharge independently and stay charged up to three weeks without sunshine. Internal batteries are interchangeable and easily removed in the field.

The new ISEs are presented in a compact, shelf-friendly product packaging and size providing customers with all the information they need to know about the product, including important features and benefits to help inform their purchase decision, and set up instructions once back at home in the pasture, fodder beet field or horse paddock. 

Speedrite ISE’s comply with IEC safety standards and come with a three-year warranty and are stocked, serviced and distributed by Datamars Agri UK. For more information on the S1000 or the wider range of Speedrite energizers including your local stockist, visit or contact