Semex UK is sponsoring the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Hub forum of the RABDF’s new Dairy-Tech event next February to help communicate the importance of taking pro-active action on this vitally important issue. It will also use the platform that the new “techie show” offers to illustrate how helping to reduce antibiotic resistance by cutting drug use on farm starts with the breeding of healthier animals in the first place. This is something that the firm’s unique Immunity+ sires help facilitate, because these sires have been identified and selected as possessing more “healthy genes” than other sires. The trait has been shown to have high heritability so they pass on these genes to their offspring, giving the daughters a higher natural level of immunity to disease themselves. In turn, the use of Immunity+ sires on these daughters multiplies the effect and means the health status of the herd increases significantly over time.

Daughters sired by Immunity+ sires have also been shown to produce colostrum with a higher level of antibodies than normal, giving their calves more protection against pneumonia and other typical calf diseases and allowing them to get off to a vigorous, healthy start in life.

“Healthy cows require fewer drugs, including antibiotics,” says Michael Dennison, Semex UK’s sales manager. “Thus, reducing drug use means integrating health into the breeding philosophy of the farm. That’s where Immunity+ comes into play – starting the process of reducing antibiotic usage from the moment the animal is conceived.”

As part of the Hub’s discussions on AMR Semex’s Global Dairy Solutions Co-ordinator Dr Stephen Larmer will be presenting the latest news and views on breeding and selecting animals for better long-term health and disease resistance in a talk entitled “Antibiotic reduction: The Genetic Solution”. Prior to this Dr. Kristen Reyher of Bristol University will introduce the subject of AMR, and the session will be followed by a Q & A session.

Dairy-Tech is described by the RABDF as “a dairy event tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician. It will showcase ground-breaking technology, inspiring uptake of the latest science and field-based skills, introducing a fresh range of innovative products and services, and pioneering new global concepts in management efficiency”.

The show is to be held in February on 7 February at Stoneleigh.