Science, Technology & Innovation Hub

The “Science, Technology and Innovation Hub”, part of the brand new Dairy-Tech concept, will focus on the science and technology of dairy farming, and the cutting edge tools to support a wide range of systems.  Ideas should not just come from other farmers or dairy sectors in other countries; they should come from completely different industies.

Satellite mapping offes new opportunities to chart nutrients, water, grazing cover and damage.  Drones have the potential to monitor welfare and fertility.  How could these applications be applied on your farm – and at what cost benefit?

Ask yourself, what innovations could improve the way we manage slurry to separate and re-use water, nutrients, fibre and sand bedding?

How can a better understanding of the complexities of gentics make a step-change in your herd performance?

These and other new developments will be showcased at Dairy-Tech and visiting the “Tech Hub” will give you the answers to the questions surrounding the new mind-expanding technology on show at this brand new, technical and technology focused event.

Additionally, there will be a variety of other new developments, including low cost ways of automating farm operations and supporting herdsmen in their cow management.

A Dragons Den corner will also offer visitors the chance to road-test and review a range of new innovations as well as provide budding inventors with a chance to sell management.