Saber™ Draft has just released an exciting new user interface. The enhanced interface provides farmers a more intuitive and seamless user experience, while recording health events and all animal events on the farm.

Saber Herd is part of the modular suite which enables animal event recording through your Saber software in the parlour whilst also giving the farmer complete control of animal events anywhere in the world.  It integrates with other Saber modules to further enhance functionality and make your life easier when using our automation solutions.

Saber Draft allows farmers the flexibility of scheduling future and repetitive drafts plus creating groups for cow sorting, right from the smart phone in their back pocket. The unique free flow gate design of Saber then enables fast sorting, saving farmers time.

Offering greater productivity and profitability, the Saber Draft software schedules drafts, checks heat results, reviews SCC and milk composition information – not only in the pit but in the yard as well as from your smart device.

Saber is a sophisticated modular system that provides farmers with flexibility and value to suits their individual needs.

For more information contact Chris Murphy – Country Manager for UK/Ireland 078819 42443

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