DELTEX cubicle is a progressively flexible freestall divider friendly under the pressure of the cow’s belly and it guides without hurting them.

DELTEX cubicle is realized in composite mate- rials with a central core made of a non-metallic DELTEX cable.

DELTEX cubicle is supplemented by a flexible neck cable that replaces the Ø40 mm metal tube against which all cows bump at the entrance of the stall; and especially when they get up from the stall.

This neck cable is adjustable. It is adapted to the shape of the cow’s neck and stops them when they enter or when they get up without hurting them.

By removing all the metal parts against which dairy cows strike dozens of times a day and replacing them with flexible elements, we drastically reduce the stress of dairy cows; individually, but also at the level of the whole herd.

With DELTEX cubicles and its adjustable flexible neck cable, cows have less stress, better life production and significantly increase their productive lifetime.

Years after years, cows have been upgraded to high standard of production with high performance. In the meantime, they have been much more sensitive to injuries impacting directly the production.

With DELTEX element, they are less affected by a drop of production due to injuries.

With healthiest cows, DELTEX elements keep farmer’s investment on top.