Suffolk-based biotechnology company, PBD Biotech Ltd, is pleased to announce that its key technology patent has been granted by the European Patent Office, covering its Actiphage technology that allows the sensitive and specific detection of live bacteria in milk or blood within six hours.

The phage-based technology is currently applied to the detection of mycobacterial diseases in animals – such as Bovine tuberculosis (TB) and Johne’s disease – and is also applicable to human infections, including other bacterial families.

Dr Berwyn Clarke, PBD Biotech’s Chief Executive Officer, comments:
“The technology has been successfully applied for analysis of blood and milk and, for the first time, gives a realistic alternative to culture but within 6 to 8 hours rather than many weeks.

“Having the patent granted for the Actiphage Rapid technology is a major milestone for the company and allows us to confidently pursue our commercialisation plans.”

Mycobacterial infection is responsible for several chronic diseases worldwide and existing diagnostics are limited by sensitivity, accuracy and speed of delivering reliable results.

Dr Clarke continues: “Grant of the European patent strengthens our belief in the uniqueness of this test, and also ensures that investment in further development of this technology for other applications is safeguarded.”

Trials are underway in the UK, Canada and Europe, with additional discussions in other regions including the USA and South America.