The “Optima Climate Calf Barn” (OCCB) are a group housing system that improves calf health and efficiency rather than a traditional steel framed calf shed. Each calf barn accommodates 7-10 calves which can be expandable by further compartments. The well-thought-out housing design ensures simple and very practical working processes for feeding, animal inspection and cleaning after housing.

OCCBs are sturdy group barns for calves from 1 to 12 weeks of age. The material is made of 52mm propylene recycled plastic which is resistant to ammonia and UV rays which gives the building a long lifetime.

The excellent climate promises a smooth calf rearing with best breeding results. 


OCCBs housing lets calves live in an outdoor environment which has become increasingly popular as calf rearers discover the health advantages. As air flows over the outer OCCB shape, the stale air is swept away allowing fresh air to flow in through the large open front. This rapid air exchange is beneficial to calf health. The OCCB shape allows maximum protection from draughts. 

Product Benefits

  • Each section has its own air space, isolated pens allows pens to be washed out and disinfected without neighbouring calves being affected.
  • Propylene recycled plastic insulated walls ensure extremely easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • Insulted roof with rear gutter
  • Reinforce 52mm insulated plastic walls with 10 years guarantee, keeping calves cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Micro climate promotes health calf growth due to on-sharing of air space between next door groups
  • Fast and easy to build with no planning permission needed
  • Higher health status system resulting in low drug cost
  • Limited steel work which reduces condensation and dampness
  • Self-ventilating system
  • Very good price performance ratio.

Each OCCB includes a fully galvanised opening gate with access door, a hook-on feeding trough, 10 teat milk bar, water bowl and rear gutter.