Developers of biostimulant and enhanced mineral fertilisers. Providing a more profitable, biological approach to sustainable, non-hazardous farming, animal welfare and reproduction.

Dedicated to sustainably advancing yields and enriching crop quality using cost effective, cutting-edge organic agronomics.

Backed by 20 years research and development. Over 100% increases of essential nutrient elements, nutrient densities and feed values achieved with the application of Parvμs®.

Dairy cattle health benefits include:
•Bone and hip health; mobility
•Reduced mastitis and metritis incidence
•Improved birthing and fertility
•Reduced veterinary costs (visits & drugs)
•Longevity in breeding animals
•Higher grass and forage crop dry matter
oAnimals gain more from eating less
oReducing the need for expensive supplements
•High efficacy. Essential trace elements are ingested by cattle, via enhanced grass and forage crops