Northern Dairy Equipment Ltd are proud to announce the release of their new product
the Sanicleanse AutoBrush.

This system is a follow on from the hugely successful Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber systems which are handheld and can fit into any parlour type. Sanicleanse Auto is for installation into rotary parlours at the moment and will replace the person who is currently carrying out the teat-prep process prior to milking.

The system works on a robotic arm, using two large counter rotating brushes that will wash, sanitise and stimulate the cow automatically. Live tracking cameras will enable the robotic arm to follow location of the teats and carry out the routine consistently and reliably on every cow. The system uses a quick kill product diluted with warm water to aid in killing mastitis causing pathogens, whilst removing dirt from the teats and
stimulating the cow ready for milking.

The aim of this system is to reduce labour costs and utilising the Sanicleanse Auto every rotary will be able to remove one person of staff from each milking shift.