NMR is introducing GeneEze, its genomic testing services brand, at Dairy-Tech Online in February 2021. Gene-Eze will be an ‘umbrella’ name for the company’s genomic testing and related services. The portfolio, which currently includes a genomic testing service on tissue samples, will be extended through 2021, with more testing-related services that use genomic results from female dairy cattle. The company’s first new development under the GeneEze brand is an in-house genomic testing laboratory at its National Milk Laboratory (NML) site in the West Midlands. This is scheduled for March 2021.The new streamlined service will include testing packs for producers  to supply tissue samples from female dairy cattle (currently only the Holstein breed). Tissue samples can also be sent from young heifer calves using Nordic Star UK ID tags. These tissue samples will be tested through the GeneEze UK laboratory and the results will be processed by AHDB Dairy. These will then be available to producers through NMR’s Herd Companion site and from the AHDB Herd Genetic Report site. NMR has invested around £400,000 in its UK laboratory and it will use its expertise in bovine testing, animal identification and data management to extend the range of services throughout 2021.

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