Herdwatch Assist is the newest innovation by the Herdwatch farming app which is currently helping over 7,000 farmers, across the UK and Ireland, eliminate paperwork, and manage their farms more efficiently.

Herdwatch Assist is your farm assistant in your pocket, it’s the first farm management app that will proactively tell you what farm tasks you need to do, and when you need to do them.

Herdwatch Assist will tell you; what cows, need medical treatments, are due to calf, are due to be dried-off, when they need to be inseminated, and more!

No need to look for that information, Herdwatch Assist will tell you when its relevant via a simple push notification.

Herdwatch Assist is built on the Herdwatch-Watchboard, your farms virtual whiteboard. Watchboard gives you a daily dashboard of the tasks that need attention on your farm, notifying you of the events that matter when it matters.

The key to this technology is the ability to enter on farm data quickly and accurately, Herdwatch uses image recognition to allow farmers to scan bar codes, QR, cattle tags and more, allowing farmers to minimise time spent entering data and maximise time spent adding value to their farm enterprise.