Genomic testing is revolutionising the way dairy producers make management, selection and breeding decisions on farm. Using the same technology as is commonplace in sire selection, we can achieve the same power of prediction for female youngstock as a cost-effective management tool, ensuring that we are breeding profitable and sustainable dairy herds.

Clarifide is a new UK veterinary-led genomics package that aligns genomic testing with breeding objectives and herd health goals on your farm. Working with you and your breeding advisor, your Clarifide vet will develop a bespoke ranking for your animals which will focus on those traits where an improvement through breeding will likely lead to an improvement in on-farm performance.

According to Zoetis Vet & Genomics Business Manager, Phil Cullinan, “Increasing numbers of practices and vets are working with their farmers using Clarifide to help make informed breeding decisions to increase the productivity and profitability of their farms based on their herd health goals and their genomic test results”.

Clarifide testing is performed in the USA by Zoetis and is marketed in the UK by RAFT Solutions through a network of specially trained Veterinary Surgeons. For more information please contact or call Phil Cullinan on 07880 052679.