We are very happy to announce the launch of a brand new Moocall product – Moocall HEAT. It is a new heat detection system, available for dairy or beef operations. To celebrate our launch, we have a superb special offer, if you are willing to put down a £250 deposit on a Moocall HEAT system, we will include a FREE calving sensor.

Most heat detection methods involve looking at the cow to try and determine when the cow is in eheat. Moocall HEAT is different, it uses nature to its advantage and monitors the bulls behaviour and his interaction with cows. Think of it like a chin ball for the 21st century. It doesn’t need to be monitored or adjusted, and sends the information straight to a farmer’s phone. 

The product

  • A rechargeable collar (8 weeks battery life) to be worn by either a stock bull or a vasectomised bull.
  • RFID Moocall ear tags – one worn on each cow or heifer. These are passive, so they are designed to last the lifetime of the animal.

Moocall HEAT measures bull and cow interaction over time, to build up a picture of the animals in the field. Then based on frequency of interaction over time, alongside bull activity and mounting behaviour it can accurately detect which cow is in her standing heat and alert the farmer via sms message and app update. Current testing is showing it to be incredibly accurate – over 98% accurate in our extensive testing to date.

What it tells you

  • The exact time cows or heifers are in heat;
  • Whether a cow or a heifer repeats;
  • Due dates and when you can assume they are in-calf;
  • Bull health (mobility, virility & fertility);
  • Cow fertility over time.


Your Moocall HEAT sensor will automatically update the Moocall BREEDMANAGER mobile application. This means that heats, repeats, due dates and more will all be auto-updated within your herd management app. You won’t fully appreciate the value of this until you use it, but trust us, it’s incredible.

For example, if you had Moocall HEAT on a stock bull, Moocall BREEDMANAGER will let you know when each cow was in heat, when the bull inseminated her, watch her to make sure she doesn’t repeat (and let you know if she does) and then mark her in calf once she doesn’t repeat, and let you know the due date. Oh, we’ll also remind you before she is due to calve so you can get your Moocall  calving sensor on there!

On a vasectomised or teaser bull,  the same information would be added, the only difference is you need to tell us, when you inseminated her and to which bull. Don’t worry, we make it very easy to do this.

To find out more about Moocall BREEDMANAGER, visit www.moocall.com. By the way, Moocall BREEDMANAGER is free for anyone to use manually, regardless of owning our sensors or not, so be sure and spread the word.

How to order Moocall HEAT

The Moocall HEAT system is now available for pre-order. See www.moocall.com or call 0203 627 1126 for details.