The peel plate microbial system can be used for a range of products including dairy, water and contact surfaces. The plates are easy to use with a simple ‘peel’, pipette and seal technique; making the plating process more efficient.. And no leakage!

The plates stack for incubation allowing air to circulate through the stack ensuring not only the outer plates but those in the centre achieve the correct temperature.

The new Peel Plate colony counter can be used to accurately analysis and evaluate the colonies on Peel Plate.

The colony counter:

  • Automatically counts colonies and shows you the analysis visually
  • Increases productivity and reduces human error
  • Stores the results in a variety of formats ready to export

Available approved tests include: Coliform/E.coli, Aerobic Count, Yeast and Mould.
Others going through validation, but presently available include:  Enterobacteriaceae & heterotrophic.

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