Pinpointing exactly where training events are being held down to the specific cattle shed, then automatically registering your attendance when you arrive and adding it to your existing record are just a few benefits of the new Dairy Pro app, launched at the inaugural Dairy-Tech event (7 February 2018).

Dairy Pro’s Helen Brookes says “the app is designed to make life easier for farms taking on increased training and development activities to meet milk buyer, assurance scheme and employee expectations.”

“Keeping track of all the training activity you do as individuals as well as farm businesses, from attending courses and meetings to reading journals, can be a challenge – especially when you have to provide proof,” Helen explains.

“But the new app makes finding, attending and recording training events far easier.” She continues to say that the app uses the latest technology developed for retailers and shoppers. “This means it can quickly find what you’re looking for – in this case events on certain topics or within a certain travel radius – then on the day it will direct you to the exact location and automatically log you in by recognising your location.”

The app’s user-friendly approach makes it far simpler to keep individual training records up to date. But with the Dairy Pro new ‘Business’ membership now available, anyone from the farm taking part in training can also use the app to add points to the farm record as well, creating a farm business training profile to meet any milk buyer and assurance scheme requirements.

Dairy Pro is now in its fifth year and now has over 135 training providers offering courses and learning opportunities through the online calendar and upwards of 45 courses and events registered per month.

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