Mole Valley Farmers have recently launched a new feed supplement aimed at supporting natural immune function in dairy cows.

Mole Valley Farmers is the new, sole distributer of the proven, speciality feed supplement, OmniGen-AF® which is produced by USA based manufacturers Phibro Animal Health Corporation.

Extensive trials carried out by Phibro, together with leading universities across the USA and other countries, have shown that feeding OmniGen-AF® on a daily basis may help support the cow’s immune system. As a result, there is the potential to reduce health events, increase milk production and reduce the number of unplanned culls.

427 US herds, including 273,000 cows underwent an “OmniGen-AF® Immunity Challenge” to assess changes in key health and performance parameters after feeding the product for at least 90 days. On average, herds witnessed:

A 13.6% reduction in mastitis.

A 22.6% reduction in metritis.

A 20% reduction in retained foetal membranes.

A 23.2% reduction in death losses.

Just over 50,000 cells/ml drop in bulk somatic cell count on average.

A separate study also found a trend for improved yields through the first five weeks of lactation, while another recorded a significant increase in milk production by day 97.

Dr Chris Bartram, Head of Nutrition for Mole Valley Farmers, says the patented product – which is already used widely across the USA and Europe – has huge potential to help UK farm profitability.

“Immune status has a significant impact on cow health and productivity. There are various expected and unexpected stress events throughout the cow’s cycle that can influence immunity – specifically around calving and early lactation. Anything that can be done to limit the effects may be beneficial in terms of fewer health events and a better start to the lactation,” he explains.

OmniGen-AF® is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh and lactating dairy cows, every day to help support healthy immune function. The product will be available as part of the Mole Vitality™ Farmpack range as a stand alone farm pack or incorporated as part of a Mole Valley Farmers mineral.

Phibro has also employed vet Charlotte Pennington to support Mole Valley Farmers’ own “OmniGen-AF® Immunity Challenge” on a large number of UK herds. She will also be supporting the Mole Valley Farmers sales and technical team and providing internal training and on-farm activities.