The Dairy Group has launched Nutrient-Wise, a new cloud based service for dairy farmers, with the aim of providing cost effective nutrient management and compliance with the new water rules for farming. The new service provides fertiliser recommendations based on the latest RB209 guidance. The service is fully NVZ compliant and also includes record keeping of field inputs to meet all regulatory requirements. The service is designed to ensure the most efficient use of manure and fertilisers on dairy farms both to protect the environment and to maximise productivity and efficiency. Being cloud based enables flexible access to nutrient planning and recording, which can either be used by the farmer or with support from their consultant or via our office on a bureau basis. Nutrient-Wise provides a cost effective solution for nutrient planning and record keeping.

We are also offering our clients a new fertiliser buying service, which enables them to access an independent buying group which sources 70,000 tonnes of fertiliser a year. The service provides a pro-active approach to buying fertiliser competitively and provides advice in terms of which products are the most cost effective.