The CentriVet® bovine ketone monitoring system is now available in the UK from Rapid Labs Ltd.

The CentriVet meter and test strips have been specifically calibrated for measuring bovine blood βHBA – considered to be the gold standard for ketone testing. The test itself offers quantitative results in just 10 seconds.

‘We’re thrilled to become the exclusive UK distributor for CentriVet’ said Tara Smith, Marketing Coordinator at Rapid Labs. ‘Ketosis can have serious consequences and is often overlooked due to the lack of early clinical signs. Using the CentriVet meter and bovine blood βHBA test strips, you can accurately identify sub-clinical ketosis within seconds, enabling prompt action to be taken to nutrition plans to protect cows from developing ketosis.’

As much as 9 Litres of milk can be lost from production each day in cows at the upper threshold of subclinical ketosis1 (BHB >2.9mmol/L). Ketosis can also lead to a number of other problems, including mastitis, endometritis and immunosuppression.

Easy-to-use, the test requires just 1.2µl of blood dropped onto the test strip, which is then inserted into the meter to generate a reading.

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We also have a video that we produced with the University of Cambridge Vet School demonstrating the meter and highlighting the importance of ketone monitoring

References: Oetzel G. R. 2012. Understanding the impact of subclinical ketosis. Proc. Of the Cornell Nutrition conference for feed manufacturers.