Moore Concrete are delighted to the joining exhibitors at Dairy tech for the first time in 2020.  The Northern Ireland based company has built a strong reputation for supplying an innovative range of quality precast solutions to the agricultural market over the last 40 years.

As part of this continued innovation Moore Concrete are delighted to unveil two new additions to the company’s already comprehensive slat range. These are a new 15-feet long, 7 inch deep gang slat and a new XL safety slat. The company’s Agri Sales Coordinator Keri McGivern takes up the story.

“The new 15 feet long, 7-inch-deep slat option reflects the growing demand throughout the UK & Ireland for longer slat sizes in new buildings. With a 4.5T tractor loading capacity these slats are a great addition to our range, developed specifically to support farmers looking to the future by developing modern livestock housing units.

“Similar to our existing slat range these are available in our increasingly popular Surefoot™ finish, ensuring this design can incorporate the 50% additional grip it provides.”

“In turn this delivers many production benefits including a reduction in the number of slip and falls on-farm plus a more than significant decrease in calving interval.”

The new XL safety slats again reflect a growing demand at farm level for longer slats with greater accessibility. Keri McGivern again:

“The XL safety slats are available in 2 thicknesses, 7 inch deep up to 15 feet and 10 inch up to 16 feet 5” in length. Both specifications are tractor bearing.”

Keri went on to point out that the key feature of these new XL safety slats is the enlarged mixing point. She explained.

“The new opening is 1,000mm long by 940mm wide. This facilitates all modern slurry pumps. Enhanced safety standards are paramount on all farms. Our new slats have been designed specifically with this in mind.”

Moore Concrete will be exhibiting a broad range of other products on its Dairy Tech stand in February. These include in-house drinkers and the company’s increasingly popular “Ox Strain” octagonal precast concrete strainer posts.  Available in 3 lengths 7’, 8’6” and 10’ they provide a range perfectly suited to the varying ground conditions that prevail across the UK and Ireland.

Keri McGivern noted “the most surprising feature for customers of our Ox Strain Posts is their ability to be driven in using a standard post driver, in conjunction with a specifically designed cap, making installation quick and easy.”

Moore Concrete will be located on Stand P59 in Hall 3 at this year’s Dairy tech event. For further information, telephone (028) 2565 2566 Ext 1 or view our website at