Explanation below:

At Duynie, we believe that the best way to supplement your Dairy cows forage based diet is with co-product feeds. We understand that the three main limitations perceived by a farmer when contemplating feeding moist co-products as opposed to the dry alternative are:

  1. Consistency of supply
  2. Quality of the products
  3. Usability of the products

We have come up with a solution which answers these 3 main restrictions along with many others.

That answer is Duynie Moist Blends. We have produced 6 moist blends which cover all the requirements of a dairy cow when included in a forage based diet. Our moist blends do what they say on the tin. Are available all year round. Are a complete feed.

It is what it says on the tin:

Our in house nutritionist assesses the moist blend nutrients on a weekly basis ensuring that what we say you have, you most definitely do have…

All Year Round Supply:

There are in the region of 12 co-product ingredients per blend. We pair our co-product ingredients based on the nutritional identity. One moist and one dry ingredient. For example in our blends that include cooked chips, we also include crisps. These are both a fried potato just with massively differing dry matters. Pairing our ingredients enable us to ensure that there is always availability of co-product ingredients available to make the moist blends.

A Complete Feed:

Farms of all sizes… With a mixer wagon or without… Even with a small storage area… Can all feed our moist blends, getting the benefit or 12 ingredients with only the need to store one!