Miracle Tech is pleased to announce it will be attending the Dairy Tech event in February 2018.

This will be only the second event for our fledgling company and the first showing of what we do to the Dairy industry. We will also be launching two new products at the event.

About us:

The inspiration behind Miracle Tech is George Coles. George is a beef farmer on the Northants /Bucks /Oxon border, managing a herd of 120 breeding animals, finishing everything on farm. He also has his own small pedigree Simmental herd and is involved in the establishment of a new Red Aberdeen Angus herd using genetics from Argentina. He is normally running between 300 and 400 animals on farm with the number increasing as the herds expand.

In 2014 he came across the idea of using a thermal imaging camera to help him accessing and treating animals that were lame. He found that using thermal imaging technology means that he can take images of any animal that is showing signs of being lame and then treat accordingly. This in turn has reduced the amount of antibiotics he uses to almost zero.

Using a thermal camera allows him to scan the animals in the field or barn and only catch them if he needs to. The thermal images have shown many interesting things over the last three years from pieces of wood and stones in feet to just knocks to the leg that need no treatment. Thermal imaging also highlights other issues – see image below:

This was a stock bull that had been lame for around six weeks; he was being treated for a foot problem. We took the PK160 thermal imaging camera out for a demo and found the problem was actually a shoulder injury, with this information the vet then treated with anti-inflammatory instead of antibiotics.

Thermal imaging technology is set to become a very useful tool for dairy farmers, it can be used for many applications as well as lameness – see below:

Calving – it can be used to determine more accurately who is going to calve next. George can accurately get to within around 3 hours pre-calving. This has proved to be very valuable when used on young animals; it is also very handy if you do not live on site.

Bulling – using the camera to scan for bulling / standing heat.

Mastitis – scan the udder on dairy cows using fixed cameras in the parlour area to look for early signs of mastitis.

Temperature – take an animal’s temperature without the need to catch it.

Although all of our research has been carried out on cattle, it also applies to all aspects of the agricultural industry: livestock farmers, arable farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, poultry farmers, game keepers, vets, nutritionists, feed manufacturers, abattoirs and machinery dealers/mechanics etc.

At Dairy Tech we will have on show the PK160, the farmer’s friend. This is the first thermal imaging tablet on the market, an android-based tablet with a very powerful thermal imaging camera built into it. This has only been seen by beef farmers to date.

New product – D300 Thermal Camera

The D300 is a camera which has a high-resolution 384×288 detector. The D300 has some new features that are not found in many of our other thermal cameras.  When looking for areas of infection or injury the D300 gives 110592 pixels meaning an excellent image quality making it easy for the farmer or vet to identify the area thus allowing the correct treatment.  The adjustable screen also means that the person using the camera can capture the most difficult of area to view.

New product – UPC Thermal Cores

These are a very compact unit that can either be incorporated into existing camera systems or used to build a bespoke system. They can be used for a whole manner of  applications such as mastitis detection, heat detection, security etc.

George has already had a lot of interest in what he has been doing from a major supermarket chain, a fast food retailer and some big players in the farming industry.  Miracle Tech has a contract with a thermal imaging camera manufacturer tobe their sole UK and Ireland distributor for agriculture for an initial five-yearterm; this gives us a whole range of technology to offer for sale. The anticipated best-seller to agriculture will be the only thermal imaging minitablet on the market. This can also be using for other applications as well as thermal imaging (running farm management programs etc.)  George’s research is not yet finished but he feels it is time to pass on his findings to the agricultural industry; thermal imaging will be a very useful tool in the fight to reduce antibiotic use as well as having many more applications.

A couple of high profile companies already have cameras from Miracle Tech to carry out research into heat stress in livestock, we are working with them on this project and discussing other future joint research projects.

We feel that this is very exciting technology that is little known in agriculture.

It has many applications that will be revolutionary in helping to cut costs, save time, make things safer and, probably most importantly, change how we use antibiotics.

There is a website – www.miracletech.co.uk where you can find more info on thermal imaging and another about George’s farming business www.redoaksimmentals.co.uk

George can be contacted on 07751 414265 or by email miracle@miracletech.co.uk
or moo@redoakfarm.co.uk