The latest development from Miracle Tech to be launched in 2021 is Dairy Manager Plus. The UK’S first 3D stress free weighing and cow management system. Covering all breeds and ages the Dairy Manager Plus allows real time management of all stock from your next crop of heifers to peak lactating cows.

Developed in conjunction with agroninjabeefie™ Miracle Tech will shortly launch Dairy Manager Plus. This will revolutionise cattle weighing by providing quick and easy to use (plug and play) cattle weighing for every cattle breed type (pure and crossed-breed) and every age group. Accuracy of the weighing compared to weighing by traditional scale is equally as accurate. We use stereo camera technology, due to its speed it allows real-time fast data processing. Thanks to the technology depth (distance), data is also available at each point on the captured image. The Dairy manager plus camera is attached to the back of the phone with a magnet; it is then connected to the phone with a USB cable (provided by us). Simple herd management software right on your phone! You can easily check weighing data right on your phone and compare the current weight with the previous ones. Your weights will also be stored in the cloud by the agroninjahub™ you can also visualise all the information which can be used for multiple management processors. One photo says it all, take a side view photo with the attached Dairy manager plus device of the animal. Keep the phone as perpendicular as you can to the animal to get the right result, it also works off-line. The software calculates the weight of the animal automatically. The captured image is processed by the application using artificial intelligence technology with neural mesh to export the results data gathered by Dairy manager or sync them with the cloud based agroninjahub™ a network connection is required.


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