Traditionally calves were fed high levels of milk protein in skim based calf milk.  Now calves are fed high levels of crude protein but far lower levels of milk protein. These whey and plant protein leave the calf short of protein for the 1st month of life and the calf has to spend energy getting rid of this undigested crude protein.  It’s no wonder farmers are fining calf rearing more difficult and the more calf milk they feed the worse it gets.

Bonanza Calf Nutrition has launched ‘Milky Way’ concentrated calf milk with high levels of energy and milk protein. Milky Way is a better way to feed calves and will reduce stress on calves and improve dry feed intakes and calf performance when calves are fed twice a day or using an automatic feeder.

Milky Way is the best way to improve your calf rearing for more information please phone 0808 1781017