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Ultraliner AMS RLC-01 & Ultraliner AMS TLC- 01 Robot Milking

Following the increasing demand for AMS liners, milkrite-InterPuls developed the AMS RLC-01/AMS RLC-01 Air and the AMS TLC-01/ AMS TLC-01 Air liners which are high flow milking specifically designed to optimise the milking performance of the milking robot. The milkrite- InterPuls AMS liners are available in round (RLC) and triangular (TLC) shapes, can be vented or non-vented and suit all types of teats. The mouthpiece vent allows air into the liner, which helps to move the milk away from the teat, preventing re-spray during milking and reducing the risk of bacteria entering the teat, keeping the teats healthy, and preserving the quality of the milk.

Further benefits of the new milkrite | InterPuls AMS liners are:

  • A significantly improved adhesion to the cow’s teat
  • reduced slippage due to enhanced liner design
  • reduced attachement time
  • reduced respray and cross-contamination

The new milkrite | InterPuls AMS liners aim for a faster and more complete milking while providing more comfort for the cows and a quieter milking.

For more information,  please contact Tim Gulliford on 07775 648 197 or Ben Barber 07717 484 422 or email us at