MMC – Milk Meter Compact: Introducing the MMC from milkrite | InterPuls, the perfect solution for new parlours and the best update to existing ones. The MMC is suitable for both cows and the small ruminant range. It has a user-friendly interface, and is reliable and easy to service. This model is available either as a standalone or with an Auto ID system.

Features and benefits of the MMC:

  • Flexible mounting system, thanks to the control box and the panel separation.
  • A single chamber electrode based milk meter for reliable and accurate milking and sampling.
  • Perfect for new installations and parlour updates thanks to the easy mount system.
  • Available also in the ‘PRO’ version for cabinets.
  • Easy connection with the Dairy Management System.
  • Able to add remote buttons to run milking, washing and detachment phases.
  • IP67 Protection grade.