Galebreaker are leaders in providing natural ventilation products including the VVS® side curtain system and the Light Ridge roof vent. These help to deliver the necessary air exchange to provide a healthy environment within agricultural livestock buildings.

The effects of climate change and severe temperature and humidity increases means that, in some circumstances, natural ventilation may not be sufficient to provide an optimum environment for livestock. Consequently Galebreaker has introduced new mechanical ventilation products to the market. These include the Maxumtech range of fans and the VentTube positive pressure tube ventilation system which are ideally suited to calf buildings.

Mechanical ventilation principles are based on increasing air speeds to achieve a chill effect on the animals and to bring fresh clean outside air into the building.



Big Air fans are designed to provide the highest possible volume with the lowest possible speed and can be regarded as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. The principle is based on pushing air down, but can also be operated in a reverse manner to pull air up.


  • On top of the cubicles where the animals rest for milk production
  • In the dry cow area
  • In the calving area


The Jet Air fan has been designed to provide the best possible capacity in combination with airfoil deflectors that optimize air throw and distance. The Jet Air can be installed at an angle to optimise air-throw, or in a horizontal position to divide the air into two directions.


  • On top of the cubicles where the animals rest for milk production
  • In the waiting area


The Blast Air has been designed to be an efficient 127 cm re-circulation fan providing the best possible air velocity and distance coverage for a unit of this size. Using the supplied mounting post, each Blast Air can be installed vertically or at an angle to optimise air throw.


  • At the feeding table (above cows)
  • In parallel parlours to drive air along the cows’ backs
  • In rotary parlours to circulate air along the cows’ backs


In modern agriculture the farmer needs to constantly balance optimisation of investments, sustainability and animal welfare.

Air exchange and ventilation can be improved in cattle buildings by using one or a combination of the following methods:

For the most vulnerable group of animals, i.e. calves, it can be a challenge to provide enough constant airflow using natural and/or mechanical negative ventilation methods alone. For calves we need additional ventilation in the building to achieve optimum year-round housing conditions. To help us to do that we have introduced the Galebreaker VentTube system.

A VentTube consists of an outside mounted fan that is connected to a horizontally mounted fabric tube. This fabric tube is provided with air openings at strategic positions to allow evenly distributed clean fresh air to exit the tube along its length. The diameter of the tube and the position and size of the openings are crucial factors in providing an optimum fresh air-flow towards the animals. Galebreaker VentTubes are suspended on two cables rather than a single cable to prevent the tube from twisting.

In the past we have seen tube ventilation concepts that have been designed and positioned incorrectly. This can result in insufficient and even wrongly directed airflows which can lead to animal diseases. In order to avoid some of the mistakes that we have seen in the past, specialised knowledge has been applied in the specification of each VentTube installation to ensure that it is suitable for the individual application.

Galebreaker VentTubes have been developed in association with Vetvice.

As an independent enterprise, Vetvice delivers practical and reliable information on dairy cow housing and husbandry to dairy farmers, their advisers and to suppliers all over the world. The aim of Vetvice is to maximize the health and welfare of animals and humans alike while guaranteeing the cost-effective production of top quality food products. Vetvice is also well known for their ‘CowSignals’ training programs and barn design service.

Vetvice use their expertise to size and specify each individual VentTube system. Galebreaker manufacture the systems in their purpose-built factory in the UK and offer a full installation service.

Galebreaker Agri is proud to state that we develop and innovate products and solutions that provide The Best of Outdoors Indoors®