Lely is launching a new barn system separating manure and urine which will in turn enable farmers to make more precision applications, and reduce purchased fertiliser and together with total barn ammonia emissions by approximately 70%. The system results in three individual fertilisers: nitrogen in the discharge water produced by the N-Capture, phosphate and organic nitrogen in the solid fraction and potassium in the thin fraction in the pit and comprises various simple and easily applicable parts. Manure and urine are immediately separated from each other in a process that limits emissions. The Lely Sphere N-Capture creates an under pressure in the pit, and extracts manure gases that are created under and just above the barn floor whilst the filter in the N-Capture captures the ammonia and uses acid to convert it into circular fertiliser. Lely Sphere development began five years ago, systems have been operational since 2017, and are now running on test farms.

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