Lely will be launching Celebrate Generations, a dialogue between different generations of dairy farmers and their business’ long term. Dairy farmers, both current and their successors are invited on to their stand at Dairy Tech to meet with the Lely team to discuss the future of their farm.

“Celebrate Generations marks the company’s milestone – 25 years of robotic milking means that an entire generation of dairy farmers grew up with this form of automation,” says Lely’s Sergio Ooijens, senior marketing and communications manager. “From our unique experience, we are aware that each generation has its own set of specific challenges and builds upon tradition and experience to handle them, and this also applies to dairy farmers, who in recent years have developed into modern business managers.

“Searching for a balance between what needs to be retained and what needs to be innovated are amongst the challenges that each generation face, and it’s what Lely focuses on, through innovation,” he explains. “Celebrate Generations is designed to help support these dairy farmers in making choices for themselves and their farm. As well as investing in a robotic milking system and accompanying options, dairy farmers also get to take advantage of 25 years of knowledge and expertise in terms of efficient business operation, with free traffic of cows as a guideline.”

Further information https://www.lely.com/gb/25-years/

Stand number: P71