Operating in conjunction with automatic cluster removal (ACR) and gently supporting the cluster, Lactalign is a simple retrofitted device designed to counter the oftencostly impact of uneven weight and vacuum distribution of a traditional milking cluster.

Manufactured from highdensity polyurethane, the support eliminates any weight bias between the front and rear quarters, a problem that may go undetected, but can be the underlying cause of manyof the increased mastitis cases.

Trialled from 2019, on Metcalfe Farms 72point rotary parlour,the farm has seen a 59% reduction inliner slip, a 47% reduction in kickoffs, a 65% reduction in reattachments and importantly, a 50% reduction in mastitis cases affecting the front quarters.

Lactalign can be fitted to rotary, rapid exit and herringbone parlours.Full details, videos and more at lactalign.com