We would like to introduce our new affordable Organic Milk Replacer. Our new Organic cost-effective milk replacer Lactorganic 26-16 which we have designed and trailed last summer has shown excellent results and is now on many Organic Dairy Farms.

Lactorganic 26-16

60% Skim Powder, Protein 26%, Fat 16%, Ash 7% – Organic Cert Certificate no FR-BIO-13

Extensive trial work has gone on last summer monitoring everything from mixing DLWG and calf health.

Results have been very positive showing the DLWG from 0.8 kg for dairy breeds up to 1.16. Kg for beef breeds. The product mixes perfectly at 40 degrees and will feed up to 30 minutes after mixing. After feeding very little sediment is left, this is due to high organic fibres within the powder that keep the product in natural suspension for longer.

Lactorganic 26-16 is easy to mix and can be fed alongside whole milk, it is suitable for all types of calves on dairy and beef systems and compatible with computer and bucket rearing systems.

The massive positive to the customer is with the health results. Trial work on The Calf Company’s own calf unit, has shown calves have had no nutritional scours and has given the calves an amazing bloom and vigor. More importantly feeding organic CMR reduces the risk of spreading diseases from feeding unpasteurised cow’s milk such as Johnes and Micro Plasma which are both on the increase on all farms. Our Lactorganic is cost effective, working out to be considerably less expensive due to our unique formula, but with the extra benefits for health and vigor due to being a 60% skim powder with high protein and fat values.